Doorways is an invitation to walk through the doorways in your life consciously, empowered and with a humble awareness of the Divine within you. Whether the doors in your life are small or grand, trust that what awaits you behind the threshold will transition you to a new place where peace, beauty and blessings can be found.

On April 10th, 2008, my life took an unexpected detour slamming me up against a daunting closed door. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not knowing what to expect I trembled on the brink of this imposing threshold. Was this really a closed door, or could I alter the vision by simply by opening the door and walking through to a new reality? My decision was to trust that everything happens as it does for a reason…and that all was good. With faith that this was a gateway to greater awareness, a more peaceful and deeper connection to Spirit, I stepped through the portal filled with positivity and joy.

I felt a deep sense of comfort and an inner knowing that a new life, filled with unexpected beauty was waiting for me on the other side.

I am 14 years post cancer. I am healthy, happy and savoring every moment of my glorious life. I experience my time on this planet more thoughtfully now, consciously, with purpose and in great gratitude. I admire the beauty in all the doors I see and photograph around the world. I spend more time in nature, connecting to our beautiful Mother Earth who heals me.

Open the door and discover your own treasures.