The Artist:

Patricia San Pedro is a lover of life! She’s a four-time Emmy-award winning TV producer, author, photographer, marketing/media executive, cancer survivor and environmental activist. Pat has spent her entire life traveling the world, with camera in hand. A native of Havana, Cuba, Patricia grew up on Miami Beach graduated from the University of Miami, lives and works in Coral Gables.

Discover Your Doorway exhibit will transport you around the world in the flash of a moment. From Cuzco, high up at 12,000 feet of elevation in the Peruvian Andes, to the Napali coastline of Kauai in Hawaii. Or open a door in Valparaiso, Chile and end up in a glorious autumn day on a Creek in Georgia. Fall in love with a snow-covered door in Switzerland and travel through to a sunset in Naples.

These are just a few of the magical pieces in my interactive wood and photography mixed-media Doorway exhibit. Each door will fill you with wonder and delight as you literally walk up and open them. All Doorways and landscapes were photographed around the world, from Hawaii and California, to Chile, Switzerland, Peru, Florida, Georgia and beyond. The unexpected location of the landscape behind each door, is always different than the setting of door itself. That’s what I call “the gift”. It reminds us of how life is filled with surprising beauty and blessings, even when faced with challenges.

Artist Statement

Every day we walk through doorways. Usually, we know what’s on the other side. But at times…we’re caught by surprise. It’s called life. Stepping through some thresholds can be exciting, thrilling, magical, and then there are those that are a bit frightening at times. Discover Your Doorway exhibit is an invitation for hope. The exhibit leads you to walk through the metaphorical doorways in your life, and no matter how daunting that door may look, crack it open, and enter with courage, strength, hope and a yearning to discover unexpected gifts and blessings throughout the journey.

Years ago, I faced one of those scary doors when I heard the words, “You have cancer”. We’ve all faced actual closed doors with the pandemic over the past two years. This year I ran into a different door, which is leading me to establish my own business again. You know the saying….“when one door closes…another one opens”. I suppose that can be the motto for this exhibit. My choice has always been to gather my strength, cling to faith…and proceed full steam ahead. Thankfully, eventually, I’ve always discovered unbridled beauty on the other side. Especially, if I’m surrounded by those I love, and nature.

I hope my exhibit connects with you, sparks a bit of hope and joy in your heart and even childlike wonder. Open the doors and discover your own treasures and the splendor of our precious Mother Earth.

Patricia San Pedro