Discover Your Doorway

Interactive Mixed Media Photography Exhibit 
By Patricia San Pedro

Discover Your Doorway pieces are invitations for hope. Made with photography, wood and metal, each door encourages you to touch it, and physically open the door. Unlike most works of art, this one MUST be experienced, through touch.

For a closer look at each doorway, and information on sizes and pricing, please write to me at



“I really enjoyed the interactivity of Pat San Pedro’s doorways. I love nature and travel, so I looked forward to seeing what part of nature’s beauty would be highlighted with each door I opened.”

Dania Gorriz, Executive Director Development Frost School of Music at University of Miami

Patricia San Pedro is a lover of life! She’s a four-time Emmy-award winning TV producer, author, photographer, marketing/media executive, cancer survivor and environmental activist. Pat has spent her entire life traveling the world, with camera in hand. A native of Havana, Cuba, Patricia grew up on Miami Beach graduated from the University of Miami, lives and works in Coral Gables.